my lovely and thanks for the exists

ELF and SUPER JUNIOR are already 6 years old

SJ and ELF together go ahead and  wrote a new story



let’s love more in teh future

Super Junior Yesung (YESUNG)

our lovely ELF

we have loved for 6th years

have keep going in the future

i was infected by we ELF (SUNGMIN)

i love you

you guys are amazing people


now is like the companion, you guys are the best

believe we will keep going together in the future


6 years together with us  ELF

love you all and thank you all

full of happiness

let’s stay together with (RYEOWOOK)

unknowingly, Super Junior passed6 years and those time which was spent with everyone

in fact, i’m  half of 5 years hahahhahahha

anyway, i’m also a member of SJ so i’m 6 years too

although there are many enjoyable and some memories

i want to erase but hope in the future,

we will only have happy memories then in the

remaining time also don’t give up let’s keep going together!!!


DAEBAK!! SUPER JUNIOR 6th Anniversary!!

who can stop us!!  we are the best SJ

we can say anything, we use the record to speak

don’t forget my love! don’t forget what i like!

will not forget you all!! wow ! 6th Anniversary

if not have ELF also no have us

don’t forget we will keep going, together in the future

don’t  be player (give heart to others)

how about we got married? I Love You ELF (DONGHAE)

congrats!! Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary!!

since 2005.11.06.  i’m Super Junir shindong

to ELF. It’s been the 6th Anniversary for us

always feel so sorry . always show my spirit that everyone look bad

but thanks to you all keep beliee us

decided to work harder in the future

and will not make you all feel tired Love You….

this kind of word i feel a bit embarrased say to say

I Love You All

i also have to say it together… together with us .

together with our ELF..

till the end to our be loved ELF (SHINDONG)



Trans by @TaiwanLuvSJ

credit by WP sup3rjunior