120905 (EngSub) Radio Star part 1/3 – Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun [Super Junior]

120905 (EngSub) Radio Star part 2/3 – Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun [Super Junior]

120905 (EngSub) Radio Star part 3/3 – Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun [Super Junior]  ← Credit by Nayaonewluv1 | @NKSubs

MC: Today’s guests are “Siwon and kids”. The oldest kid, Leeteuk. The tactless(?) one who got replaced by Heechul and Kyuhyun, Shindong. The one who received the most punches from Leeteuk, the wronged anchovy, Eunhyuk and the one who has everything, Siwon.

They were talking about how Siwon bought houses at apgujeong etc etc… Teuk: He can even buy MBC now! Siwon: So, can I be Radio Star’s MC?

Hyuk sang a small part of SPY.
Hyuk: The 007 music..to get the copyright, we took a long time.
MC: Was Siwon the one who settled it in the end?
Kyuhyun: Thanks to Siwon’s CEO contacts, it was settled.

Everyone made Kyuhyun sing his beginning part and the MC commented, saying that it sounded like he was chant scriptures and everyone agreed XD

Shindong: My bottom half of my body is fatter…Kangin is the top half of his body. His shirt size is 105 while his pants size is 32. My pant size is 32 but my shirt size is 100 so Kangin looks more muscular than me.
Teuk: I am also wearing a size 105
Siwon: Skinny people can also wear big clothes right ¬_¬
Hyuk: I wear a size 95
MC: What did you say?
Hyuk: Um, I wear a size 95 and I prefer hiphop-py clothes(?)

Teuk: Actually, the reason why Siwon isn’t living with us was because there were too many people. At the beginning, we started out by living together in dorms. We lived together for 3 months but at that time, us, together with TVXQ and the managers, there were over 20 people in a 32pyeong house. It was too inconvenient so in the end, the manager said that the people who lived near can go home to stay and thus, Siwon moved back to his apgujeong house to stay.

Teuk: While we were staying at the dorm back then, I was sharing a bed with Siwon. Every night, I waited until Siwon was asleep and then I will receive signals. The other kids will ask softly: “Hyung, is Siwon asleep?” “Yes he is asleep” After that, everyone will quietly sneak into the toilet to use Siwon’s stuff..like his cleanser etc..
MC: Does Siwon know about it?
Siwon: Yes I know about it
Teuk/Shindong/Hyuk: What?!?!
Siwon: I was very happy
MC: This is so sadMC: So when they are using your stuff, you know about it?
Siwon: When I am asleep, I don’t know..but I will arrange my stuff so if it was being touched before, I will know.
MC: You don’t mind?
Siwon: No…I will prepare even more and put there
Teuk: When we go overseas, when I am in the same room as Siwon, he will bring lots of things. When we reached the room, we will take everything out and I will pick the ones I want to use

MC: We received news that Kangin and Shindong’s relationship isn’t too good.
Shindong: It isn’t too bad..but there was once when we went to play rubber boats(?) and I was pretty scared of the water…I was pretty much floating in the water and suddenly, Kangin said “Come and catch me~~” so I ran over to catch him. Then suddenly, he pushed me away and I ended up drinking a few gulps of water…
MC: Kangin changed a lot since then, right?
Shindong: yup..

Shindong: There was once when we met a family and they requested to take a photo with us. So after taking a group photo with them, Kangin realized that Kyuhyun was missing. “Where did Kyuhyun go? Kyuhyun!! Kyuhyun~” after that, we found Kyuhyun in the car putting on makeup. Kangin-hyung then blew up. But at that time, Kyuhyun’s skin was in a bad condition..if he don’t put on makeup, he can’t go on camera

MC: There were rumours saying that Kangin and Shindong’s relationship isn’t good?
Shindong: Em, if you want to talk about the person whose relationship is bad with Kangin, it should be Kyuhyun. They quarrel the most.
Kyuhyun: ?
Shindong: Actually, Kyuhyun is that the wrong…I should say that Kyuhyun is too sensitive. The things that he used would be his. Like his own water, his own stuff…he won’t let people touch them. Like his own bottle of water, if people pick it up, he would stare at them. If you ask him if you can drink it, he will say “don’t let your mouth touch the bottle”

MC: Siwon is the one in charge of English in the group?
Siwon: no~~
Hyuk: There are 2 times when Siwon uses english. One is when he is messaging and the second is when he is quarrelling.
Siwon: !?
Hyuk: That time when he was quarrelling with Ryeowook..hahahaha
Siwon: Oh! That time at Thailand
Teuk: Was it at Thailand…
Siwon: At the hotel…we were quarrelling in teuk’s room.
Teuk: Ah thats right~
Hyuk: Teuk-hyung called all of us to his room and made Siwon and Ryeowook say their own stand. So Ryeowook would say stuff and Siwon would say (those in capslock are originally said by Siwon in English) “NO! i ACTUALLY….our FOCUS is different!” even when he talks to the manager..he will say things like ” I’m CLEAR now”.
MC: So Siwon must mix English in order to talk?
Siwon: no~~only at times when I need to think about how to say certain things in Korean

Teuk: Actually, the reason why Siwon and Ryeowook quarrelled is quite lame…its because during concerts, Siwon likes to high-five Ryeowook but Ryeowook don’t like to high-five…so after many times, he wasn’t very happy and didn’t want to high-five back so Siwon asked him why..if it was because something happened so the 2 of them started quarrelling.
Siwon: Actually, it wasn’t only because of this…starting from that morning, his face wasn’t looking too happy.
Teuk: He was having a black-face right?
Siwon: NOT GOOD…I realized he wasn’t looking too happy and he wasn’t too willing to look at me so I felt a little confused, is it because he hates me?…so whenever I see him on stage, I would give him a high-five..in the end, he told me he doesn’t want to so I asked him if something bad happened so he said “Does hyung want to get people’s care so much? you can’t take it if people doesn’t care about you?” after that, we started quarrelling. So I told Ryeowook…the one who is really irritating is the Kyuhyun who was at the side, eating away and saying “Siwon just exaggerates that much”
Kyuhyun: Was I like that? I merely said “Siwon exaggerates sometimes”

Teuk; After that, I even gave a suggestion, saying that if a member is desperate for skinship and the other one doesn’t want….
Siwon: I wasn’t desperate!!!
MC: What did you do when Ryeowook shunned away from you?
Siwon: The thankful things is…despite him not wanting to high-five, he never shunned away from me and always gave me a high-five
MC: What if a member doesn’t want to and shunned away from you, what will you do?
Siwon: Usually, I will look into his eyes and see if he wants or not..if I feel that he wants to high-five then I will high-five..if he doesn’t want to then I will turn to the fans at the side because I think it would be quite embarrassing if my high-five was ignored.

Siwon: Eunhyuk really likes strawberry milk
MC: then you should like sausages a lot too, right?
Hyuk: Yes…
Teuk: In the group, only me and Eunhyuk is a little special…we don’t like bitter stuff..we only drink iced choco
Kyuhyun: Hyung, I don’t drink bitter stuff too
Teuk: What? Really?
Shindong: This doesn’t suit your image, Kyuhyun..
MC: As a magnae, nobody knows that you don’t like bitter stuff, you seem relatively non-existent.
Kyuhyun: Nobody helped me order anything before…(he looks like he was about to pout)

Hyuk: its like how Siwon drinks americano every morning…there was once when he was drinking and Kangin passed by..after that, Kangin took a sip and told us that it was sweet!! He actually!! Lied to us for 7 years!!
Siwon: No..when I wake up in the morning, I’m more tired…low blood sugar..
Teuk: Yes, he gets low blood sugar easily

Credit: 凝幻

Hyuk: You know how you can order fruits on planes? After Siwon finished eating his, he came and took mine..if you want more, they can give you more.
Siwon: Does it matter if I take a little
Hyuk: Why don’t you order another one?
Siwon: After that, he called me thief!! That was the first time I heard someone calling me thief!!
MC: How can you call Siwon a thief!!!!!!

Credit: 我菜我菜我小菜菜

Kyuhyun asked Siwon: Why don’t you want to stay at the dorm? Teuk answered for Siwon, saying its because of family matters(?) Siwon said its because he has to go to and fro to China often.

Everyone started to talk about interesting things about Kyuhyun. Leeteuk said that there was one time that Kyuhyun went out(Kyuhyun claims that he went to the church) and one of Kyuhyun’s fansite sent food over. By the time Kyuhyun came back, everyone had already eaten all the food. So kyuhyun’s expression was like… (See Siwon’s imitation here –http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/bmiddle/6b89475bgw1dwm1ls93x2j.jpg )


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