[SUSHOW 3 JAPAN] Heechul Feat Donghae – Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana LYRICS


hanaya no misesaki ni naranda
ironna na hana wo miteita
hito sorezore konomi ha aru kedo
dore mo minna kirei da ne
kono naka de dare ga ichiban da nante
arasou koto mo shinai de
baketsu no naka hokorashige ni
shanto mune wo hatteiru

sore na no ni bokura ningen ha
doushite kou mo kurabetagaru?
hitori hitori chigau no ni sono naka de
ichiban ni naritagaru?
sou sa bokura ha

sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana
hitori hitori chigau tane wo motsu
sono hana wo sakaseru koto dake ni
isshokenmei ni nareba ii

chiisai hana ya ooki na hana
hitotsu to shite
onaji mono ha nai kara

nanba- wan ni naranakute mo ii
motomoto tokubetsu na only one



I saw many kinds of flowers
lined up in front of the flowershop.
everyone has their favorite
kinds but all of them are pretty.
Without competing to see
which was the best among them,
they were standing straight up proudly inside the bucket.

So why then do we humans
have to compare ourselves to one another?
Eventhough each and every person is different,
why do we want to be number one?
Yes we are each..

a flower unlike any other in the world
and each and everyone of us carries a different seed
We should focus all our efforts on trying to make that flower bloom.

Small flowers and big flowers,
none are the same as one another.

There’s no need to be No. 1
you’ve always been a very special only one.



Via by I’m proud to be E.L.F 
Re-Edited by kimbyen


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